Saturday, February 14, 2009

Days 44 and 45! Doggie "peticures" and pillow fights

Alas, I skipped yet another day. I was just so pooped when we got home from dinner that I went straight to bed. At 8:30 pm. On a Friday night. I'm so old.

At least I'm posting every other day! That's still better than I was hoping to be doing by now :)

So here are my lessons....

Uncle Matt went and bought a massive cookie for Alex (because he needed that much cookie!) and of course, Alex loved it. Well, he got bored with it after a while and started feeding it to Phoebe. So I guess even a little boy can have too much cookie from time to time!

We got a new duvet cover and were busy changing the sheets. Alex flung himself up on the bed and was piddling about when Eric decided he needed to start throwing pillows at him. It's been a while since we've had any pillow tossing in the house, so I suppose it was due. Alex, as before, just giggled and squealed with delight every time he was hit with one! I managed to capture one good picture of the pillow in mid-flight.

And perhaps the most important lesson I learned is that even dogs like to be pampered from time to time! We got a "peticure" from the "As Seen on TV" store at the mall, and Eric gave Phoebe a lovely pedicure. She was so good! It takes a while longer than clipping nails does, but she cooperated, plus her nails didn't come out all ragged and sharp - the edges are nice and smooth. Tomorrow: Penel's turn!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Days 42 and 43...Internet fail (and muddy buddies...)

Well, I was on a roll again, and then the internet went down! We came home from scrap day to find no internet or cable...the cable eventually came back on, but the internet never did. When we came home from the playdate, the cable was out again! But after a little while, everything came back on and life was again good :)

So the main thing I learned yesterday was that I can't survive without internet or cable!

I learned today just how nasty and dirty a child can get in the span of just a few minutes...Alex, Lindley, and Madison disappeared at the playdate and we found them around the corner, hanging out in a hole, writhing about in the dirt. They were all soooo dirty! But they had a good time, and that's what's important, right?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 41...diaper rash paste art

Today was chock full of lessons!

I woke up to an amazing lesson...a child and a tin of diaper rash paste can make a very big mess in a very small amount of time. I was laying in bed as Alex was romping around as usual. I smelled diaper paste but didn't think much other than "oh, how nice, Eric changed Alex's diaper before he left for work!" Alas, I was incorrect. A few minutes later, I awoke to find white paste all over everything...the sheets, Alex's face, hands, and pajamas, the tin (of course), and Phoebe. Yes, Phoebe. She had a nice glob on her back. It was incredible. The first of many such incidents, I'm sure...Then, while I was cleaning it up, he meandered off to the kitchen and tried to get into his fingerpaints. I managed to intercept him before he got them open, at least!

I also learned how much Alex enjoys see saws! He spent half the afternoon on one at Toni's house...he didn't seem to care if he was on it it by himself or with anyone else!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 40! Cranky children and headaches...

Today was a nice and relaxed day...but I did learn that it's pretty much impossible to have a cranky child unless you have a's like they know! Or maybe the headache comes from the cranky child...who knows!

Alex had a good time strutting around in my flip flops...

And I still think he looks so cute when he sleeps, even though he gets intensely sweaty!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Days 38 and 39...more colossal fail.

So I have started to monumentally FAIL at this keeping up to date thing! It's just so easy to forget, or to put it off. So I'm going to just have to try harder :)

To make up for the day before, I'll just do stuff from both days instead!

I learned that it's far too easy to drink far too much and have too much fun :) We had the girls over for a mom's night out Friday night, and got a little wild and crazy! But boy, was it usual! It was the perfect way to kick off my sober phase :)

I also learned that you can't drink bleu cheese dressing, but it will make a huuuuge mess on a small child's face. It's still super tasty though.

We went to the zoo today...just another February sunburn in good old South Carolina. I learned that no matter how many times you go to the zoo, it's still always a fun experience! Alex still likes the bears and elephants best of all :) The weather was just too gorgeous to stay inside!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Days 36 and 37...first fail.

Whoops, I finally fully missed my first day yesterday! I didn't take any good pictures, and there weren't any good stories. So thus no blog. I need to start creating situations when they don't present themselves naturally!

Today, I learned that when presented with an unlocked door, a small boy will let the dog out and the dog will wander around until finally coerced inside with a bowl of food...

I also learned that it is virtually impossible to do Wii Fit with a small human wrapped around your legs! But once you get him dancing, he'll unwrap himself :)

Oh, and if you let a small human play with your camera, he will mischief it away and you'll spend the better part of an hour searching for it!

No pictures of any of the above, but here he is playing in the sheets...he was grabbing the sheet, pulling it over his face, then flopping backwards. Silly boy!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day hunting

Today, I learned that househunting with a two year old is not a fun thing...well, the actual house hunting part isn't that bad, but the realtor's office part is!

We went to Sumter with Matt to try to find him a house...we found a really nice one, but since we BOTH forgot our wallets, he didn't get to do any of the paperwork or anything...but he'll get that taken care of this week!

Oh, and if you give a kid ice cream, he'll sit down and behave...for a few minutes at least!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 34...TV is king

Today I learned just how much power the TV really has...Alex was sitting at his desk and one of the songs came on Noggin. It was about toes and noses and thank yous. They'd sing, then look all confused, and say "wait, where is your nose?" and Alex would point to his nose. Joe would then say "thank you", and Alex would say it right back! It was really a somewhat disturbing sort of way :)

I also learned how easily kids regress to being babies...Alex climbed into the bouncy seat at Tracey's house during the playdate and just hung out there for a few minutes...silly boy!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 33...stuck.

Today, I learned just how determined Alex really is! We rigged up a double gate in an attempt to keep him in his room...well, he made his way through one of them and almost made it all the way through! He ended up stuck between the two gates....poor little fella!

We eventually figured out that maybe leaving him in his room with no gate and no door would be the best move - we just hollered at him every time he came into the hallway and he ended up asleep in bed after a few minutes. The true test will be if it works again tomorrow! Only time will tell...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 32...Superbowl Sunday!

Today, I learned that football must be ingrained into a boy's system...We came home from running errands and turned on the Superbowl. I handed Alex his plate and he just plopped himself onto the couch, staring at the game, and chowing down on his pizza. But the excitement wore off just about the same time he was done eating....

Day month down, 11 to go!

Wow, it's hard to believe January is already over! I'm impressed that I've managed to do a daily update...some days twice, but it balances out to once a day, and that's what matters, right?

Alex woke up feeling better, and proceeded to make up for the previous day by being twice as silly. He found some foam stickers and stuck one on his forehead. He started out with a "1", then went to sleep with an "A" stuck on, but it fell off while he was asleep.

He then found a glittery Christmas tree to replace it. I learned just how darn sticky those things stayed on even during his bath! He spent some time snuggling with me on the couch, babbling and making silly noises the whole time.

Then, when I went in to his room to wrestle away his milk after he'd fallen asleep, I found a sticker stuck to the side of his face! It was so cute :)