Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alex, the Easter boy!

We celebrated Easter several ways! We started out the weekend before Easter by going to Sesquicentennial State Park for their Easter egg hunt festivities. Alex's favorite part was getting to play with the real bunnies :)

Next, we went to the toddler area. Instead of actually hiding things, they just scattered candy about. I had a lot of fun picking up loads of candy. I didn't realize it, but Daddy was pulling candy out of my basket and throwing it back so I didn't end up with too much :)

After the candy hunt, we went to see the various games. I played a little bit of mini golf - look how far I hit the first couple of balls! Once Daddy showed me how to hit the balls, I was a pro.

We went back to see the bunnies for a bit, but by that point, I was far more interested in my sucker than in the bunnies...even though I got to hold one!

While Daddy was rearranging the garage, he found his trumpet and tried teaching me how to use it. I wrapped my mouth around the mouthpiece and blew for all I was worth! It was more like humming than actual blowing, but it amused Mommy and Daddy :)

We had a playdate field trip to the fire station. I was NOT impressed. First, we watched a video about fire safety, then they took us to see the trucks. We also got to see how fast a fireman gets dressed! But by the time his feet were in his boots, I was done and ready to go. I spent the rest of the trip being fussy and cranky.

In preparation for our Easter playdate, I helped Mommy dye some eggs. I had so much fun dunking the eggs and getting them out! Afterward, I even decorated them all so nicely with stickers.

The playdate was totally awesome. There were about 250 eggs scattered about for us to gather. Some were hidden for the bigger kids, but most were just spread on the ground for us to pick up!

Once the novelty wore off, we all headed off to play. Madison and I started reading on Megan's bed, and soon, everyone joined us!

First came Lindley. I swear, that girl just won't leave me along! Not that I mind, though :)

Then Ethan got up there with us as well! I found a remote and started pointing it at the TV like I knew what I was doing. I know you need the remote for the TV though!

That weekend, Uncle Matt came up to visit. I love Uncle Matt for many reasons...mainly because he spoils me! We barbecued and while we were sitting outside on the porch, we heard the ice cream truck. Of course, Uncle Matt couldn't resist and took me out to get my first ice cream from the truck! I got a yummy Snoopy shaped ice cream. I made a really good mess of it!

I'm getting to be such a smart boy now. I like to try to dress myself, but just don't quite get it yet...here's what happened when I tried to put my shirt on! I got my arms in the right place, but just couldn't figure out where my head was supposed to go.

And the back view...

For Easter, we went to the zoo again to feed the lorikeets. I didn't even freak out when one landed on my head!

I showed Daddy what the lions say...they say "ROAR!" really loud...and they raise their arms in the air when they do so!

I got a really awesome basket from the Easter Bunny! Gigi gave him the basket and he filled it up with all sorts of cool stuff like stickers, paint brushes, coloring books, some scissors, and even an Easter choo!

Once I got bored with my basket, we dyed some more eggs. Daddy got to help this time. I made a good mess of my hands.

Grandma came up to visit for lunch, and got to watch me go on my egg hunt in the back yard! I collected a whole lot of eggs. They had jelly beans in them! The bunny only stuck one or two in each egg...but that's probably a good thing, because I tore through just about all of them! Stinky Dog helped me a bit though, but I didn't let him eat any beans.

That's all for now, but we're finally getting caught up! It won't be long before we're all up to date! Thanks for being patient with me :)



Saturday, April 18, 2009

For a mom's night out, we went pole dancing. Yes, wrapping ourselves around a metal pole that went from floor to ceiling while wearing impossibly high heels. Here are our amazing shoes. They went really well with our gym shorts :)

It was quite the entertaining event! We lined up and waiting for the class to begin.

Then the fun began! The instructor taught us enough moves to put together a routine, then we did the whole thing at the end. Of course, the funnest part was swinging around the poles! However, all those pictures are far too embarrassing to share, so here's a group shot of us instead :)

At the end, she showed us some of her sweet moves...man, we were all jealous! It was simply amazing. She was flying around the pole, holding on by one hand, hanging upside down, and climbing up to the ceiling. Amazing.

Ale, the busy boy!

As usual, I have been a very busy boy! We go see Dr. Carew, Mommy's chiropractor, once a month, and I've started getting rather curious. After her adjustment, I hopped up on the seat and got a mini adjustment myself!

We had a super fun playdate for St. Patrick's Day. And of course, what St. Patrick's Day event would be complete without green frosting? I made a good mess of myself.

I enjoyed one of my ladies feeding me grapes. It's not as easy as it looks, being fed grapes!

To be festive, I wore a shamrock sticker on my cheek. It really made my green pop!

We went to a friend's house to scrapbook. Well, Mommy and her friends scrapped while my friends and I played. I found Marley's playpen and tossed Stinky Dog in it, then proceeded to push it all around the house. I just zoomed from one end to the other, made a sharp when I came to a wall, and kept going. I was a man on a mission!

With the weather being as beautiful as it was, we went to the park for a playdate. Lindley, Anakin, and I found a bug and spent quite some time investigating it. Lindley picked it up at one point and it went into its defensive dead pose, so she dropped it. We were so confused, and just kept saying, "it broke!" So that day was referred to as "the day Lindley broke the bug." Of course, as soon as she was gone, the bug got up and scampered off as fast as its little legs would take it!

Hosting playdates at your house means that you get leftovers, like cupcakes with green frosting. I like eating frosting, but it also makes an excellent lotion.

All this time in the sun has started giving me freckles! There's just a small smattering of them across my nose, but it's just about the cutest thing ever.

I like to find random things to amuse myself with, such as Daddy's socks. I like to put them my hands and do silly things with my hands.

I'm definitely all boy...at any given time, I have at least one scrape or bruise! I tumbled down some stairs at the park and got a little scrape on the side of my face this time, but usually it's a skinned knee or elbow. I'm good at pointing out my booboos for anyone who will look. I find it gets me a lot of sympathy from the ladies!

And along with the booboos, I also get into other forms of mischief! Mommy got a little mad at me because I was constructing a road for my truck in the kitchen. It's not that I was constructing it that made her mad, it was how I went about building said road. I grabbed one of my crayons and scribbled some roadway onto the kitchen floor, then scooted my truck along the "road", then scribbled some more, moved the truck further, and so on. It was not easy for her to clean up!

We've gone to the zoo a few times in the past few weeks. I went to see the Lorikeets for the first time! I had a lot of fun. We got a little cup of nectar so I could feed them. I spilled a lot of it, but also managed to give them a bit. But then one bit me, and I had enough of that! So Mommy fed them the rest. But I still got to hold one!

I like having my toenails painted, and if Mommy won't do it for me, I have to do it myself, using whatever I can find, like a pen. Lindley and I had a lot of fun coloring all over each other with pens!

As a two year old, I get very hungry, of course. One morning, I crawled up onto the table to find the leftover pizza. I put a few slices on my high chair tray, then climbed right on in. This is what Mommy found when she came into the kitchen a few moments later. I'm a growing boy, I need lots of food!

We've been having quite the nightmare with bed time. I've figured out how to climb over the baby gate! I start of by just climbing up a bit and standing there and crying. Then eventually I just throw my leg over and hop on down! So we've had to replace my door handle with a knob and a childproof knob cover...

Oh, and for the record, I'm not saying "ow" in the video, that's "help." And neither of my evil parents would help me!

It was my friend Ava's birthday party, and of course, birthday parties mean cake! Lindley and I kind of went to town with the cake, and this is how I ended up....we were just practicing for our wedding!

We went down to Aiken to have lunch with Granddaddy, and went to Hopeland Gardens for a nice walk afterwards. Again, with weather this gorgeous you kind of have to take advantage! We walked by the fish pond, and Granddaddy pointed out some fishies and turtles for me, and I thanked him by finding him loads of pine cones and sticks!

We ended the walk by visiting the ducks! We didn't bring any bread for them, so I guess we'll have to do that next time!

That's all for this edition...stay tuned for the next one!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Alex, the friendly boy!

The best part of coming home is seeing friends again! I was so thrilled to hang out with Lindley and all my other friends after our vacation. We went to Finlay Park for a playdate and really enjoyed the weather! Here Lindley and I are hanging out in Gabe's wagon.

Then we strolled around holding hands for a bit!

We're still in the midst of attempting potty training. I can tell Mommy and Daddy that I have to go, but when they sit me on the potty, I just sit there for a few minutes, then tell them I'm all done. Of course, I pee my pants a few minutes after...and some days I don't even want to wear my big boy panties, I just want to wear my diaper because I know I can pee in my diaper without getting it everywhere! But other days I love love love wearing my big boy panties! They have choos on them, and choos make everything awesome!

I find ways to force Penelope to play with me. Like sitting in her crate! She wasn't too thrilled, but all I did was climb in there, close the door, and relax with her.

Uncle Matt brought me a chocolate bunny in preparation for Easter. I went to town on that baby! I made a good mess, and finally got it taken away after sucking on it and just drooling chocolate all over myself (and the house). But boy, was it good!

The weather has been so gorgeous, we've simply HAD to take advantage of it! We took an afternoon and went to the park with Toni, Melissa, Trent, and Anakin. Anakin and I spent quite some time tossing rocks into the pond. Fortunately, there were no fish or anything else in the pond, otherwise our mommies would have stopped us! We thought it was the funnest thing ever.

The following week, we took a trip down to Folly Beach. The weather was a bit windy (fine, it was super windy!), but we still enjoyed ourselves! It was nice and warm, and the water wasn't too bad either.

Lindley and I had fun digging in the sand and shoveling it around.

Of course, my favorite part was chasing birds! I rand after them most of the time we were there. It's good exercise, and loads of fun!

Lindley, Madison, and I took some time and laid down in the sand. We writhed about and pretended we were swimming!

Afterwards, Mommy and I stopped by her old old work (the steel fabricator) to see her old old boss (Jack). He was so happy to see her again, and was really pleased to meet me! Then Madison and I (and our mommies, too) went to the outlet malls to do a bit of shopping. I got several pairs of new pajamas!

Here I am modeling one of my new pairs of pajamas. Well, the pants anyway. They have monkeys on them. I love monkeys.

At a scrapping day at Melissa's, she set up the water table for us out on her porch. So that meant all us kids were hanging out in various states of undress most of the day! Lindley and I took a break from all the water table playing to relax in Trent's bed with a drink and a good book. Anakin then joined us, but Lindley wasn't having any of that and left me and Anakin in the bed. That wasn't quite the outcome we were expecting!

Oh, and here I am showing off my super awesome new bathing suit! That's the other thing we got at the outlet mall :) I feel so handsome wearing it! Plus, it has a top that goes with it so my tummy and back don't burn...very important!

Alas, it's time for bed...more to come later!