Sunday, July 5, 2009

As usual, I have been a VERY busy boy! The weather is getting HOT, so that just means we stay that much busier!

I'm growing up so fast and doing so many big boy things now! I like to clip my own fingernails. Mommy or Daddy still have to go after me to clean them up, but I can get them partially clipped myself! It's very serious work that takes much concentration :)

My artistic skills are constantly improving as well! I painted some great little ceramic choos for Father's Day. I carefully held each paint cut and dipped my paintbrush in it, then painted my choos to look so pretty!

Anakin had his second birthday party at the park. The party favor was bubbles! We all had a lot of fun blowing bubbles.

But of course, nothing says fun like cake! Anakin, Lindley, and I all went to town on his cake. Everyone else ate cupcakes, but Lindley and I helped him eat his. We made quite a mess of ourselves!

After cake, we got to hit the pinata! I took my turn and started out holding the bat upside down, but luckily Daddy showed me the right way to hold it. I just love pinatas!

I managed to knock one piece of candy out of the pinata and scrounged around to find it! I managed to find the single pieces that would get knocked out from time to time :)

Then the pinata burst and there was a waterfall of candy! Of course, I managed to get caught under it, but I didn't mind!

We went straight from the party to North Augusta to visit Grandma and Grandpa. I was a very sleepy little mouse!

As always, I enjoyed hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa!

And had to visit Uncle Craig's room for a turn on the drums!

Then at dinner, I arranged all my strawberries so nicely. I was so proud of myself!

My friends Emma and Jackson welcomed a new baby sister, Alivia, on June 16th. We went to go visit her once she was home from the hospital. Alivia arrived 5 weeks early, but both she and her mommy, Cyndi, are doing well! Alivia isn't pudgy like most babies - she has the most amazingly long little fingers and toes...they look like miniature grown up hands as opposed to baby hands!

Luckily, Alivia is a very good baby so far, which makes her mommy VERY happy!

Since it's been so warm, we've been spending a lot of time in the water! The lake has been awful crowded now that school is out, so we've been hanging out at Lindley's house instead. I'm not so fond of the pool, but will go in if Mommy's holding me.

However, I really just prefer to hang out with my friends outside the pool! Gabe and I had a lot of fun watering each other with this elephant watering can.

Then I spent some time acting like a pool monster :) I'm very scary!

I love hanging out with Daddy and being silly. We had a lovely pillow fight a few nights ago! Daddy would hit me with the pillow and I'd collapse on the bed, then I'd grab a pillow and hit him back and he'd fall down! He didn't fall every time, but in my defense, the pillows are heavy and I'm just a small boy!

There are few things I like as much as nice, fresh berries! The blueberry patches opened the last weekend in June, so we took advantage of that by picking some! I was all ready to go but everyone else was taking their sweet time.

I stopped to pick at the very first bush I saw that had berries on it!

I'd pick about 8-10 berries, store them in my bucket, then eat them, then start over! It was a good system, but didn't leave any over to take home! Luckily, Mommy got almost 4 pounds - enough for two pies and to make topping for some angel food cake, and for me to have some to snack on!

After a while, Lindley and I both got bored, so we found a branch that had been cut off. I chased her with it for a while until we realized that it had berries on it, so we immediately sat down to eat them.

It worked out nicely. We were able to pick and eat without the effort of finding berries!

When we were all done and heading back to the car, I stopped to play in the water fountain. Mommy had to pick me up and drag me to the car to get me out of the water!

We went swimming in Lindley's pool when we were done - after all, what better way to cool off than with a dip in the pool? We had to stop off at Wal Mart on our way home (it's the closest store to her house, and Mommy knew I'd fall asleep in the car if we went much further, and we wouldn't be able to get the stuff we needed for dinner in that case!) I was so tired by that point that I just laid down in the cart, using Stinky Dog as a pillow. But as soon as we got in line, I perked up! My favorite part is checking out. I help to unload the cart and make sure all the like objects are together. I even managed to match up the one coupon we had with the right item to make it easier for the cashier!

We had a 2nd of July barbecue for a playdate (since playdates are on Thursdays and we still wanted to celebrate as a group we had to do it then!) We went to my friend Ethan's house and grilled hot dogs. He has a really cool little microphone and keyboard set that we all had fun playing with! I think that each and every kid there had their mouth on the microphone at some point in the day...the mommies were all pretty disgusted!

For the 4th of July, we went over to a friend's house to grill and set off fireworks. We started the afternoon with some fun times on the slip 'n' slide! It was my first time on one, so I didn't quite get the hang of it. I went down the wrong way a few times, and mostly just ran/scooted along. Daddy helped me have a few good runs though!

But mostly I played in the water and got a few good drinks!

After some quality time on the slip 'n' slide, Marley, Lindley, and I climbed up on the glider and had fun swinging!

I've developed quite the little attitude. I like to stand with one hand on my hip, showing off my sass!

Mommy baked a delicious red, white, and blueberry pie with the berries that we'd picked. It was quite a hit!

We set off sparklers early in the evening. Daddy told me they were hot so I wanted nothing to do with them!

We set off lots of fireworks! It was my first time seeing fireworks. I jumped at the big ones, but enjoyed them for the most part!

Daddy and I laid on the blanket and watched the fireworks go off :)

And of course, we had to take a family photo!

I hope all of you had a wonderful and happy holiday as well!

Until next time,

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