Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alex, the Colorado boy...Volume 1!

The trip to visit Colorado for Gigi's 50th birthday started out nicely enough! I slept like a little angel while Mommy and Daddy finished preparations early in the morning.

Once I was roused, I got dressed and donned my monkey backpack. I was ready to go! I wore my awesome airplane shirt (it says, "Congratulations! You get to sit near me.")

I love airplanes. I had a grand old time, watching the planes and drinking my "coffee" (Mommy says it's coffee, but I have a feeling it's just water in a coffee cup!). I wore my monkey backpack leash around the airport, but insisted on holding the leash and walking myself.

Gigi and Aunt Chelsea were there to pick us up at the airport. We made our first of man stops at Giving Tree Montessori. What's the first thing I did when I walked in the door? Ran my arm the length of the shelf and tried to knock everything off, and stuck my dirty little paws in everything I could reach. But I was quickly shown the correct way to do these things! You put a mat on the table, then go pick out a work and bring it to the table, do the work, then put it away, then pick your next work! I got the hang of it and got really good at some of them!

Most of the other kids really wanted to help. They hung around and picked works for me and showed me how to do them. I generally had an audience no matter what I was doing!

We finally made it up to Woodland Park and were enthusiastically greeted by Shing and Ketu! They love me because I'm right at their level and tend to carry around food :) I really liked their crate too. It was the prefect size for me to sit in and have a little snack!

The following day, Mommy and Aunt Chelsea took me shopping to get party supplies to decorate for Gigi's party. They got a little distracted in the sunglasses department though! Silly girls!

One of my favorite parts of Gigi's house is the sky chair. I like to sit in it and swing the day away!

Aunt Chelsea decided it would be fun to put some makeup and jewelry on me. I really like it when Mommy lets me use some of her chapstick, and I'm usually very interested in Mommy's makeup, so Aunt Chelsea decided to give it a shot. I looked like such a pretty pretty prince(ss) when she was done! I even got to wear one of her beautiful necklaces :)

We all sat down to make some posters to welcome the guests. I helped by making my own special little poster! Gigi hung it on the TV for everyone to see.

We spent some quality time getting all the food organized. It looked sooo good (and it was incredibly tasty!) before everyone dug in.

Even though I ate a lot, I must have still been hungry...I started chewing on Stinky Dog! I carried him around in my mouth for a bit and was very silly. Of course, I was a big hit at the party and everyone loved me.

Gigi blew out her candles and then we played Mamma Mia! bingo, and did some Mamma Mia! karaoke. It was a good time!

And of course, Mommy and Aunt Chelsea had to do the obligatory picture of themselves :)

And then they played Boggle a bit, and then the party was over! Of course, I faded rather early and went to bed like a good boy.

So that's it for the first installment! Stay tuned for more...hopefully it won't be another month before y'all hear about the rest of our vacation!!

Alex, the updating boy!

So Mommy's been really slacking off in the update department here! We went on vacation, and never got back in the groove of things. So I'm thinking that I'm going to abandon her 365 idea and just keep y'all updated on me and my adventures!'s been a while! Like over a month...*sigh* But maybe if I take over, things will go a bit better!

I've gotten to be very very sneaky! When it's time for me to go to bed, I go down nice and quietly...but then I sneak out of my room and creep down the hallway and sit (or lay) in the hallway, and eventually make my way to the living room doorway. I'm very very sneaky! Then Mommy or Daddy have to take me back to bed.

The weather got really nice early on here, so we've been taking advantage by going to the park a lot. We went to a really nice park with a few friends. We had a lot of fun running around the slides and equipment. I'm getting braver and will even go down some slides on my own!

Gabe and I had a lot of fun just sitting and giggling at each other :)

I like to do Wii yoga with Mommy and Daddy. I'm really good at some of them!

My favorite party is when I get to hold my hands over my head.

And here's a video of me doing yoga!!

Next up...vacation in Colorado!