Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mud Mania!

Naturally, I am a very technologically savvy little boy. I found Lindley's pink toy laptop and was laying on the kitchen floor,"talking" to Gigi via "webcam"!

As you saw in my previous post, I'm anxious to pee in the potty. I got a little stool and climbed up on it and straddled the potty and voila! I have a system worked out! As long as I'm running around naked, I haven't had a single accident yet...but once I put unders on, that's when the accidents start happening. But I even asked Mommy to take me to pee while in my bathing suit, so I'm getting the hang of this!

We went back to the park for some fun! But who wants to play with the actual playground when you can play with a stroller?

Once we quit arguing over who got to sit in it, we just took turns pushing each other around.

We had a watermelon that Maggie got to teach us kids how to spit watermelon seeds. What better place to practice spitting seeds at the lake? Unfortunately, spitting seeds was more like spitting out big mouthfuls of watermelon...either that, or I'd pick out the seeds, pop them in my mouth, then spit them out!

I really enjoyed that watermelon!

Then on Saturday, we went to MUD MANIA! It's a muddy obstacle course for kids, with a smaller course for little kids and a big huge pile of sand. I liked the sand pile the best, but didn't want to do much more than play at the bottom of the pile.

We got in line to start the course. I climbed up to the top of the slide and waited. As soon as I saw the kid in front of me go down and get muddy, I wanted NO part of it! I climbed down and we walked around. Here I am wanting to get away from the mud.

After walking around several obstacles, Daddy finally just globbed a dollop of mud on my hand. I was rather distressed about it! I marched myself over to where I'd seen someone with a hose and got my hand washed off pronto!

You can't go to an event like this without getting muddy, so Daddy picked me up and dipped me in.

I was not amused.

Afterward, I stood next to the pool, pointing at my feet, sobbing, "shooooooooes!"

So we went back to play in the sand and I carefully coated my poor muddy shoes with sand. Because that makes it all better.

Our parents tried getting a good picture of us all coated in mud, but it didn't go so well. Ethan, Trent, and Madison did like the mud, while the rest of us did not.

Ethan, Trent, Anakin, Tyce, Alex, Madison

I was super happy once we got back to the car, even though I still had a little bit of dirt on me!

We went back to the park a few days later. There was an old stump there that made a great place to take pictures on. But Lindley and I weren't in the mood to model, so this is the best picture Mommy got.

To make Mommy feel a little bit better about me playing in the water, we got me a little floatie! I was so excited about it, but this is about the furthest I went into the water with it :)

Lindley and I hijacked her mommy's towel so we could lay on it. We had lots of fun! We giggled...

And "napped"...

And giggle-napped some more!

Then I put on Lindley's pretty glittery flip flops. I just like to feel pretty.

And for anyone who hasn't heard yet...I'm going to be a big brother! You can keep up to date on how my little sister or brother is growing on Mommy's new blog :) I'm already taking bets on how long she actually keeps updating it in a timely manner...

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