Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer is here!

What better way to begin summer than by picking strawberries? I think I ate just about as many as I picked! I carried the bucket like a big boy and even managed to get a few berries in the bucket.

They were soooo darn tasty!

Sometimes I make the cutest, silliest face, where I clench my little fists together, scrunch my face up good, and squeeze my eyes shut. Mommy thinks it's about the cutest thing ever!

We've been going to the lake a lot. It's close by, and since we have a season pass there's no reason for us not to! Even in the rain, we'll still go. There was a brief shower one day, and afterward, we had more fun playing in the puddles in the parking lot than in the actual water!

Marley, Lindley, Trent, and I all went to town :)

On a rare day Daddy had no work to do, we went to the theater so I could see my first movie!! I was so excited.

As long as I had popcorn and my Icee, I was a happy boy. I sat so nicely for most of the movie!

We saw Monsters vs. Aliens - it was really cute!

Then we stopped by Home Depot for some stuff...I helped push the cart around - it not only kept me busy, but made me feel like a big boy as well!

Mommy thinks it's cute when I talk, and wanted to get some video of my sweet little voice for posterity. Mommy and Daddy cue me with "I love..." and then I fill in the blank!

For Cinco de Mayo, we went to Bev's house for dinner and a pinata. As usual, all the kids got extremely dirty! So we all got in the tub and got clean.

It brings to mind that amazing Shel Silverstein poem:

There are too many kids in the tub
too many elbows to rub
I just washed a behind I'm sure wasn't mine
there are too may kids in the tub!

But we all enjoyed it anyway!

Another day at the lake...We tried recreating a picture from a few years ago of two of the older kids - we got kind of close! This is the emergency phone booth....we often get in trouble here!

After seeing my friend Ever pee in the potty standing up, I've been trying hard to do it as well! unfortunately, I'm just not quite tall enough to reach...but that doesn't stop me from trying!

Every now and again, we take a break from the lake and go to a park instead! I've gotten so brave and love going down slides now. I climb up and whoosh down!

There's only a limited number of swings, so sometimes we have to share. At least Lindley and I are small enough that we fit into one swing together!

We're like a four footed, two headed spider :)

We went down to Aiken while Bobby was visiting. I had a lot of fun out on the back porch playing with cars and watering plants!

After a lot of playing, we took a break and sat down to watch Wall-E. All the boys were just absorbed!

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