Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spring has sprung!

As we all know, Lindley and I love to get creative with each other. Our mommies and some friends get together to scrap once a week, and the kids usually find something entertaining to do...Lindley and I found a pen, and were taking turns drawing on each other....we both ended up with pen marks all over ourselves!

I got really bad about bed time (and still am, many nights), so Daddy put up a new gate for me. I learned how to scale it really quickly! I was like a monkey, I could be over it in just a few seconds! I usually cried and whined the whole time, but would pop right over and run down the hallway to the living room where Mommy and Daddy were.

We still go down to Aiken every so often to have lunch with Granddaddy and sometimes Sue. After a nice lunch one day, we went to Hopeland Gardens to take a walk and enjoy the weather! We saw some ducks and quacked at them, and Granddaddy and I took a little break to look at the fish and turtles.

Then we had to go look at the ducks some more!

We went to Megan, Kaitlyn, and Sam's house for a playdate. As usual, Lindley and I found one thing to argue over. We both managed to squeeze into it to play though!

A few days later it was Lindley's birthday! We'd planned to go to the park but it was pouring down rain, so we went to the playplace at McDonald's. I was really excited about her presents!

My favorite was her pretty pretty princess shoes. I love feeling beautiful!

We drove down to Charleston, to Folly Beach, again. I just love the beach! We spilled a bag of Cheetos, so the birds were all sorts of interested in us! And we had a ton of fun, chasing them around. Marley kept picking up Cheetos and holding them out, trying to get a bird to come eat it out of her hand. Of course, the never did.

Marley, Lindley, Madison, and I all laid down in the sand and were "napping"...fake snoring and all! We can get pretty silly sometimes!

I had a lot of fun running in the waves...Mommy's just glad that I don't absolutely hate the water this year like I did last year!

Lindley and I took some time to gaze pensively out to sea...

And I waded a bit! This was Mommy's favorite picture from the day.

I'm getting to be such a big boy now! I can put my own shoes on all by myself! They're on the wrong feet and rather loose, but I did it all by myself! Iw as so proud of myself, and so was Mommy!

We went down to Sumter to see Matt's house and enjoy some barbecue. My favorite part of Matt's house was his dog, Tyke! Tyke loved me too - he's just my size...or more correctly, my hand is right at his mouth level! I fed him lots of cookies (they were dog cookies, at least, so I didn't try to eat them!)

Daddy was building a new compter for Matt, so I spent some time investigating the old one. I had some chips that I tried putting in the computer...that's what computer chips are, aren't they?

Since the weather was so nice, we sat outside and played with Matt's rugby ball for a bit. I've got a bad case of butterfingers, but I'm only two, so it's excusable!

I can throw the ball and look like a pro while I do it though!

It was Kaitlyn's birthday, so we went to her house for a birthday party! My favorite part of any birthday party is cupcakes, of course.

A bunch of us were sitting on the steps, and our mommies thought it was so cute, they set as many of us up as would sit there! It was like a class picture, only without a teacher and with cupcakes :)

Kaitlyn, Megan, Trent
Anakin, Lindley, me
Tyler, Zay, Ever, and Gabe

We like to go out and do something as a family, even if it's just getting out of the house to go to dinner! We went to Applebee's and I went to town on our dessert...I think I ate as much of it as Mommy and Daddy combined! It was so tasty! But you know me and my love for ice cream...

After dinner, we went for a lovely walk around the lake that's right next to Applebee's. There were a whole lot of ducks swimming around! I got rather excited when I saw this beautiful duck family.

We even stopped to play on the playground that's half way around the lake. I hung on the monkey bars like a real pro! Daddy hung onto me through, just to make sure I didn't fall down and break myself!

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