Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 41...diaper rash paste art

Today was chock full of lessons!

I woke up to an amazing lesson...a child and a tin of diaper rash paste can make a very big mess in a very small amount of time. I was laying in bed as Alex was romping around as usual. I smelled diaper paste but didn't think much other than "oh, how nice, Eric changed Alex's diaper before he left for work!" Alas, I was incorrect. A few minutes later, I awoke to find white paste all over everything...the sheets, Alex's face, hands, and pajamas, the tin (of course), and Phoebe. Yes, Phoebe. She had a nice glob on her back. It was incredible. The first of many such incidents, I'm sure...Then, while I was cleaning it up, he meandered off to the kitchen and tried to get into his fingerpaints. I managed to intercept him before he got them open, at least!

I also learned how much Alex enjoys see saws! He spent half the afternoon on one at Toni's house...he didn't seem to care if he was on it it by himself or with anyone else!

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