Saturday, February 14, 2009

Days 44 and 45! Doggie "peticures" and pillow fights

Alas, I skipped yet another day. I was just so pooped when we got home from dinner that I went straight to bed. At 8:30 pm. On a Friday night. I'm so old.

At least I'm posting every other day! That's still better than I was hoping to be doing by now :)

So here are my lessons....

Uncle Matt went and bought a massive cookie for Alex (because he needed that much cookie!) and of course, Alex loved it. Well, he got bored with it after a while and started feeding it to Phoebe. So I guess even a little boy can have too much cookie from time to time!

We got a new duvet cover and were busy changing the sheets. Alex flung himself up on the bed and was piddling about when Eric decided he needed to start throwing pillows at him. It's been a while since we've had any pillow tossing in the house, so I suppose it was due. Alex, as before, just giggled and squealed with delight every time he was hit with one! I managed to capture one good picture of the pillow in mid-flight.

And perhaps the most important lesson I learned is that even dogs like to be pampered from time to time! We got a "peticure" from the "As Seen on TV" store at the mall, and Eric gave Phoebe a lovely pedicure. She was so good! It takes a while longer than clipping nails does, but she cooperated, plus her nails didn't come out all ragged and sharp - the edges are nice and smooth. Tomorrow: Penel's turn!

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