Friday, February 6, 2009

Days 36 and 37...first fail.

Whoops, I finally fully missed my first day yesterday! I didn't take any good pictures, and there weren't any good stories. So thus no blog. I need to start creating situations when they don't present themselves naturally!

Today, I learned that when presented with an unlocked door, a small boy will let the dog out and the dog will wander around until finally coerced inside with a bowl of food...

I also learned that it is virtually impossible to do Wii Fit with a small human wrapped around your legs! But once you get him dancing, he'll unwrap himself :)

Oh, and if you let a small human play with your camera, he will mischief it away and you'll spend the better part of an hour searching for it!

No pictures of any of the above, but here he is playing in the sheets...he was grabbing the sheet, pulling it over his face, then flopping backwards. Silly boy!

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