Saturday, April 4, 2009

Alex, the Air Force boy!

One of these days I'll be all caught up and we can focus on current events! But to minimize confusion until then, we'll stick to a time line :)

So the big birthday party was over, but we still had over a week of vacation left! How better to spend time than to go to the playground? There is the coolest playground close to Gigi's house. It's pretty much a big fort with lots of slides and swings and areas to run around! I loved the swings (duh!), as well as just about everything else! Gigi and Aunt Chelsea both brought their super fancy cameras and took a TON of awesome pictures.

There was an awesome wooden car that I really enjoyed driving!

And I loved swinging with Gigi!

Here's a good view of the main playground!

Even though Gigi brought plenty of toys for me to play with (that's why it's great to have a preschool teacher for a Gigi!), I found plenty of other ways to amuse myself, such as putting Ketu in a cooler and dragging him around the living room. Alas, he was not amused and wouldn't stay in the cooler for very long!

The next day, we hung out with Aunt Chelsea. We ran some errands that took us up to Monument. Rather than just go straight home, we decided to take the scenic route through the Air Force Academy! The guard at the gate was very friendly and pointed out where all the good planes were, as well as a few other things we shouldn't miss out. He even hooked us up with a map! I wasn't too excited about the planes, though. They have old bombers set up as stautes now, and I didn't even want to get out of the car to see the first one! So we got back in the car and headed to the chapel. For those of you who haven't seen it, it truly is a sight to behold. It soars 150 feet into the air, and is home to chapels for four different denominations, as well as an all-faiths room for everyone else. The courtyard leading up to it had a lot of small airplane statues that I really wasn't that impressed with on the way in.

We started out in the upper level, in the Protestant chapel. 99 foot high tetrahedrons form the walls, and stained glass links them. The glass gives the interior the most amazing coloring. It's simply a beautiful and peaceful chapel. Mommy and Aunt Chelsea were very glad I didn't figure out that it also has an amazing echo!

This is the view looking up at the ceiling. Beautiful, isn't it?

We strolled down the steps and made our way to see the Catholic, Buddhist, and Jewish chapels as well. While they aren't quite as impressive, they are still quite a sight to behold.

We took our time returning to the car. This time, I cared a bit more about the small planes! I pointed at them and ran around them, and even made some good airplane noises!

And I managed to steal a kiss from Aunt Chelsea on our way :)

I really felt at home at Gigi's at home that I felt comfortable propping my foot up on the table after dinner! I'd put it up, then get told to take it down, giggle, then sneak it back up again!

We stopped by Gigi's school again. This time, we timed it perfectly so I got to sit on circle and sing with everyone! Gigi helped me with the motions because I didn't know them :)

We visited with Susan, a friend of Gigi's, who is a speech pathologist. Susan was very impressed with my speech - she'd been expecting me to barely be speaking at all! She showed us a few good exercises to do to help strengthen my mouth and tongue muscles, like blowing bubbles and playing with tongue depressors. I also practiced making faces!

And coming soon, in the next installment...the Butterfly Pavilion and Casa Bonita!

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