Sunday, April 12, 2009

Alex, the friendly boy!

The best part of coming home is seeing friends again! I was so thrilled to hang out with Lindley and all my other friends after our vacation. We went to Finlay Park for a playdate and really enjoyed the weather! Here Lindley and I are hanging out in Gabe's wagon.

Then we strolled around holding hands for a bit!

We're still in the midst of attempting potty training. I can tell Mommy and Daddy that I have to go, but when they sit me on the potty, I just sit there for a few minutes, then tell them I'm all done. Of course, I pee my pants a few minutes after...and some days I don't even want to wear my big boy panties, I just want to wear my diaper because I know I can pee in my diaper without getting it everywhere! But other days I love love love wearing my big boy panties! They have choos on them, and choos make everything awesome!

I find ways to force Penelope to play with me. Like sitting in her crate! She wasn't too thrilled, but all I did was climb in there, close the door, and relax with her.

Uncle Matt brought me a chocolate bunny in preparation for Easter. I went to town on that baby! I made a good mess, and finally got it taken away after sucking on it and just drooling chocolate all over myself (and the house). But boy, was it good!

The weather has been so gorgeous, we've simply HAD to take advantage of it! We took an afternoon and went to the park with Toni, Melissa, Trent, and Anakin. Anakin and I spent quite some time tossing rocks into the pond. Fortunately, there were no fish or anything else in the pond, otherwise our mommies would have stopped us! We thought it was the funnest thing ever.

The following week, we took a trip down to Folly Beach. The weather was a bit windy (fine, it was super windy!), but we still enjoyed ourselves! It was nice and warm, and the water wasn't too bad either.

Lindley and I had fun digging in the sand and shoveling it around.

Of course, my favorite part was chasing birds! I rand after them most of the time we were there. It's good exercise, and loads of fun!

Lindley, Madison, and I took some time and laid down in the sand. We writhed about and pretended we were swimming!

Afterwards, Mommy and I stopped by her old old work (the steel fabricator) to see her old old boss (Jack). He was so happy to see her again, and was really pleased to meet me! Then Madison and I (and our mommies, too) went to the outlet malls to do a bit of shopping. I got several pairs of new pajamas!

Here I am modeling one of my new pairs of pajamas. Well, the pants anyway. They have monkeys on them. I love monkeys.

At a scrapping day at Melissa's, she set up the water table for us out on her porch. So that meant all us kids were hanging out in various states of undress most of the day! Lindley and I took a break from all the water table playing to relax in Trent's bed with a drink and a good book. Anakin then joined us, but Lindley wasn't having any of that and left me and Anakin in the bed. That wasn't quite the outcome we were expecting!

Oh, and here I am showing off my super awesome new bathing suit! That's the other thing we got at the outlet mall :) I feel so handsome wearing it! Plus, it has a top that goes with it so my tummy and back don't burn...very important!

Alas, it's time for bed...more to come later!

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