Saturday, April 18, 2009

For a mom's night out, we went pole dancing. Yes, wrapping ourselves around a metal pole that went from floor to ceiling while wearing impossibly high heels. Here are our amazing shoes. They went really well with our gym shorts :)

It was quite the entertaining event! We lined up and waiting for the class to begin.

Then the fun began! The instructor taught us enough moves to put together a routine, then we did the whole thing at the end. Of course, the funnest part was swinging around the poles! However, all those pictures are far too embarrassing to share, so here's a group shot of us instead :)

At the end, she showed us some of her sweet, we were all jealous! It was simply amazing. She was flying around the pole, holding on by one hand, hanging upside down, and climbing up to the ceiling. Amazing.

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