Saturday, April 4, 2009

Alex, the spider boy!

The last "trip" of our vacation was a super awesome great one! We started out by heading to the Butterfly Pavillion in Westminster, between Boulder and Denver. We met up with Mommy's friend Dani and her son Landon there. Landon is a little bit younger than I am, but we still really enjoyed playing! We started out looking at fish. We got to touch a sea star, but I didn't like that a whole lot, and wouldn't even try touching the horseshoe crab.

I did, however, get to hold Rosie, the tarantula! First, I sat down with Mommy while she held Rosie, but I wasn't really that excited about her. Then I watched a few other kids hold her, and decided that I did want a turn after all. I casually sat down in the chair and waited for the man to let me hold her. He started out running his fingers over my hand, imitating how her feet would feel. Then I got to hold her! I was so excited! I squealed "bug!" the whole time I was holding her (I now know the difference between bugs and spiders, but didn't at the time!) I got a super awesome "I held Rosie" sticker to commemorate the event.

We then went in for the main event...the butterflies! I wasn't really too thrilled with the butterflies, but I sure did love the puddles!!

Landon and I got really excited over a drain and spent some quality time taking turns standing on it.

I even gave him a sweet hug! He wasn't quite sure what I was trying to do though!

We hung out outside and had a quick snack when we were done. I found these arches...probably for chaining bikes or something, but they made a great tunnel for me and my goldfish!

After saying goodbye to Landon and Dani, we made our way to the most amazing restaurant in the world...Casa Bonita! It's like a theme park, dinner theater, and food all rolled into one! Just approaching it is super cool...doesn't it look like a place you'd want to go?

This was the view from our table. We had perfect seats to see the cliff divers (they dive off a 30 foot waterfall!) and the shoot out between the bandit and the sheriff.

Of course, such a fantastic place has to make money somehow...since they don't charge a cover to get in, the food prices are a tad steep. But the $12 taco salads were remarkably tasty! I liked the lettuce part best.

Scratch that. I forgot about the sopapillas! You get all the sopapillas you can eat for dessert! I really liked the honey too. Yum!

Aunt Chelsea and I really liked seeing the show! I was a little confused, but she explained what was going on!

I even danced a bit to the music that was playing.

After eating, we went to explore a bit! We hit up the gift shop, then toured through Black Bart's cave (it was a little scary, but I did okay with it!) We also visited the arcade, where I played a lot of skee ball and a few other games!

Back in Woodland Park, it was time for Aunt Chelsea to pack! She was moving into her new apartment that weekend. I was a huuuge help. I packed up a bunch of shoes, and emptied out a drawer or two. I mostly just played with things I found though. Like this fantastic hat!

I also found Aunt Chelsea's Halloween costume (she was a bat), and I had a bit too much fun playing with her bat ears!

I also found an awesome box to scoot around on. It was like a broomstick, and I sat Stinky Dog on the end, and he rode there like my little familiar.

And of course, we had to go back to the playground to play a bit more! It was chilly, but since we live in sunny South Carolina, I welcomed the excuse to wear my warm winter jacket that I look so cute in!

And with that, our vacation was over. We had a bit of a delay leaving Atlanta, but since I'd napped almost the whole flight from Colorado Springs to Atlants, I was happy and had fun. We piddled about, had some cookies and snacks, and then finally got on the plane! I was so excited to see Daddy again! As soon as I saw him, I took off and started crying and laughing (when I get really happy, I sob and laugh a bit...I do it when I fall asleep in the car and then get into my bed too, Mommy thinks it's the cutest thing) and yelling, "Daddy! Daddy!" Everyone around me thought it was really sweet. Of course, I am really sweet! I fell asleep in the car and was about to be moved to my bed when we got home, but then I heard the dogs and got excited and woke up all over again!

All in all, it was such a lovely trip! We had fun with Gigi and Grandma Judy, and Aunt Chelsea too, of course. But a week and a half was an awful long time to be away from Daddy and home, so Mommy and I were both happy to be back in our own beds :)

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