Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 10...1/36.5th through the year already!

Today was sort of a repeat of yesterday's lesson...Alex just continues to blow me away with the grown up things he does! We went out for Mexican tonight and Alex decided he'd rather sit on the booth than in his high chair. He found a napkin and intently started unfolding it, then spread it across his lap! He also loves to take napkins and wipe his mouth off.

After that, he grabbed a fork and knife to help eat his quesadilla. He had one in each hand and was sawing away, trying to cut his food up. Too bad he was holding the wrong side of the knife...but before anyone says anything, it was a dull dull butter knife...we verified before letting him play with it :)

Oh, and this morning, he spilled a bunch of water. Eric grabbed him a little towel so he could mop up the mess. He swiped the floor a few times, then started swabbing the side of the couch (there was water splashed up there as well). Once he decided that the towel was too wet, he ran to the hallway and grabbed a couple more towels...they were the Christmas towels set aside to go back up into the attic! But he had the right idea :)

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