Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 3...I'm on a roll!

It's starting to get a bit tougher to find a lesson in each day! I suppose staying in my pajamas all day and only leaving the house to go get the mail makes it a bit tough too....maybe that's today's lesson, that you don't learn anything if you don't leave the house :)

However, I overcame adversity and managed to find a lesson around the house! I learned that one man's trash not only is another man's dinner, but that chicken wing bones make an excellent dancing accessory.

I made some fantastic wings for dinner; Alex got chicken fries with the same sauce. Alex ate his food, then politely asked for more. I microwaved a few more chicken fries for him...but he'd already discovered the wing bones. So he ate exactly half of one chicken fry, then proceeded to nibble on the bones. He got them good and clean, at least! At one point, he had a mouth full of gristle and was chewing and chewing and chewing on it until I managed to get it all out. So what did he do? He went back to gnawing on bones.

We turned on some Noggin, and one of his favorite songs ("Love My Family" by the Roots...a very catchy little number, if I do say so myself...) came on. Well, heaven forbid he drop his bones in order to dance! He pranced about the living room, sucking on bones and dancing. It's never a dull day when Alex is around!

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