Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 12

Well, it was one of those days around here, so I didn't take any pictures! I do, however, have some from late late last it's pretty much like today :) I learned that if he's motivated enough, he'll fuss and cry and scream and push on the gate until it falls down, then he'll come storming down the hallway, screaming as loud as he can! It's rather frustrating...hopefully he'll get over this phase soon!

Ales was in bed and I heard him fussing. Rather than fetching him, we let him fuss hoping he'd go back to sleep. Sure enough, he did! I went to check on him when I went to bed, and found him asleep on top of his blanket...on the floor next to his bed! So it looks like he got up with the intention of going to the door and fussing, but fell asleep before he could get that far. It was too cute.

I did, however, learn that hand soap makes baby hair stiff and sticky. It does smell good though! Alex was doing something with the soap, but wasn't smearing it on the counters today...maybe he was washing his hands? They were awful sticky! He just didn't get so far as to actually get water involved....

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