Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 11...double digits plus one!

Aaah, yes, another lesson. I learned today that a booster seat really isn't any better than a high chair! We gave it a shot...and got more or less the same results. Only he didn't try to stand on the booster seat. But I'm sure he'll try next time. Goodness. Why won't the kid just sit still through dinner?

Oh, and for the first time, his food came before ours. Yeah, not a good idea. As predicted, he was done and ready to go before we even got our food. I appreciate the thoughtfulness our waitress put into it, but it was still annoying!

I also learned just how much he adores calamari. The kid couldn't get enough of it! The little baby squidlets had to be dunked in the sauce, but the rings were fine on their own. As soon as he chowed one down, he started squeaking for the next one. I didn't get a picture, since I was trying to eat as much as I could before he ate them all!'s the cute picture of Alex enjoying his booster seat! This was before the mayhem started.

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  1. Be careful with the booster seats. So places really shouldn't have them. I had Kyrie in one once and she moved in the seat nothing big like you would if you repositioned yourself and sure enough the whole seat Kyrie included fell under the table. That's when I gave up booster seats and let her stand in booths instead.