Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 9...time is flying!

I learned a very big lesson today...I learned just how much Alex play attention and how much he really learns! I was sitting on the couch and he was piddling around in my scrap area. I looked back, and he had snagged a paper off my desk and slid it into the paper cutter and was going to town! He must have really paid attention - he even knew to slide the paper under the little guard and was meticulously pushing it under, then gently sliding the blade. He was so proud of himself! I gave him some junk mail to shred and moved the cutter to his little table. He had a blast!

He also was "helping" me cook dinner...he'd grab the wooden spoon when I set it down and would stir the food. He'd even tap it on the side of the pan to get all the excess food off. He really does pay attention!

Oh, and just a little brag...he threw a fit when I tried to put a diaper on him, so I took him out for errands in underwear (under pants, of course). He didn't pee in his pants the whole time we were out! He even stayed dry during his nap (he fell asleep in the car on the way home and I didn't want to wake him to put a diaper on...I figured worst case, we'd have to wash his sheets). When he woke up, he wanted to take a bath, and sure enough, peed it all out then :) He's growing up so fast!