Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 5...back on track :)

I only took one non-scrapbook layout picture today, so I guess there wasn't much narrowing down to worry about today!

Ever and Amanda came over, and Alex and Ever were going to town alternately playing nicely and irritating each other. At one point, Alex fell off the couch. Ever may or may not have contributed to that event, but it really doesn't matter! Of course, Alex started crying. Ever helped him up, then wrapped his little arms around him and gave him a sweet kiss on top of his head. Amanda and I both just melted, it was such a sweet moment!

So today's lesson is that kids are much more caring and nurturing than you may give them credit for! In between their little fits of ugly, they just want to make everything better for those around them...even if they're the cause of the upset in the first place!

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