Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 24...Indian Food.

Today, I learned just what Indian food really does to a little baby...we went to a friend's house for a curry pot luck last night, and Alex ate it up! As a baby, he loved Indian food but we just hadn't had it in a while. We used to go to the Curry Pot in Aiken every few weeks with my dad - Alex was their youngest patron ever :) He had his first taste of chicken curry shortly after he started eating solids...probably around 6 months or so. He looooves hot and spicy foods, as well as pretty much anything foreign. Actually, come to think of it, he loves just about anything that's edible. And even if it's not really edible, that's okay too. So long story short, he gobbled down curry like it was going out of style. And we had to deal with the aftermath today. Wow. That's all there is to say about that. Wow. But man, the food was so good, it was totally worth it.

And no, I did not take any pictures. You're welcome.

And in a completely unrelated story, I learned just how messy pizza can really be....

Oh, and here's Alex practicing AMAZING self control (and actually listening!) while Trent opened his presents at his birthday party this afternoon. Everything Trent did got a "woooooowww!" in that cute way Alex has :) He was more pleased with Trent's presents than he was with his own last weekend!

We also had ice cream sundaes. Blake kept putting more whipped cream and toppings on his, so Alex tried to as well. He just couldn't figure out how the darned container worked! But it wasn't for lack of trying...he shook that puppy until it wouldn't shake any more!

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