Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 29...indoor playgrounds rule!

For our playdate today, we went to a friend's house. Her house is amazing! Not only is it a gorgeous house, but it's the best house for kids! There's a slide going from the staircase landing to the basement, an in-ground trampoline outside, and a pool. Being January, we didn't play in the pool, but we did enjoy some of everything else! It was so much fun...even though the slide went really fast and I scraped my back really good at the base of it the first time I went down...but I totally wish I had such a fun house :)

The kids bouncing on the trampoline

And, I know it's blurry, but it shows the slide! Here's me taking Lindley and Alex down...Lindley got the hang of it real quick and took many trips down. Alex was a little chicken and only went twice.

Oh, and I learned that Alex and Lindley can't play together's a video of them screaming at each other. One would be bouncing on the zebra...they'd both yell a bit, then the one not on the zebra would lay on the floor, hoping to entice the other one off to lay down with them. And of course, as soon as the second one was off the zebra, the first would zoom up and leap on the zebra. They're rather goofy little monkies!

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