Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 18...Alex's birthday!

I learned that it is possible to have a birthday party for a toddler without completely losing your mind and going crazy! Alex's birthday party last year just turned into one big stress fest. Eric and I were mad at each other a large majority of the day, everyone was knee-deep in babies, and the weather was ugly.

This year, we only had one of the three - the yucky weather :) We started the day by cleaning the house and getting ready. Eric was a big help with the cleaning and organizing, and we only had one minor tiff! Everyone showed up, we hung out, then did a little door hanger craft, had some cake, then hung out some more. It helped that only four children other than Alex were there, plus they're all a year older than they were last year...more independent, more mobile, and just more better in general!

We sang "Happy Birthday" to Alex, but he blew the candles out before we could even start! So we tried a second time...this time, Eric held him down until we were done singing :)

Oh, and I learned just how difficult it is to create a train cake....but it came out really nice!

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  1. The train is so adorable. You did a really good job.