Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 27...brownies in the tub

Today, I learned that brownies dissolve in water. After dinner, Alex decided that he HAD to take his brownie with him into the tub. He set it gently on the edge, so I figured maybe he'd just leave it there for safe keeping. Nope. I came back in to find lots of little brownie bits floating in the tub, and a very happy brownie-faced boy. He shoved the rest of the brownie in his mouth, giggling the whole time! Oh, and he had his sippy cup of milk tucked under his arm. I swear he doesn't get it from me...

I also learned that boxes for stuff can provide more entertainment than what they contain(ed). The little goober was strutting around wearing his caterpillar box as a helmet! then he sat in it for a bit, then wore it some more. I wish I could find that much entertainment in every day things!

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