Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 30...sick dumpling!

I didn't get this written yesterday because I was dealing with a sick little dumpling! Poor Alex just wasn't feeling well. He fell asleep while we were out shopping - that NEVER happens! And in an even rarer twist of fate, he didn't want to eat the free cookie he got at Publix either. That's when I really knew he wasn't feeling well. We got home and took his temperature - it was 100.9*. Since it was already after 5, we called the doctor's office and left a message for a nurse to call us back. She did, and said to just keep him pumped full of fluids and keep an eye on him. Sure enough, he woke up this morning back to normal. So I learned that when he's feeling that bad, you can see it in his was so sad!

And another cute story...I was sitting on the couch in the morning, while Alex was chilling under my desk. I heard him start whispering something about "poo poo" so I went to investigate. Sure enough, he'd pooped under the desk! I got some paper towels and cleaner and started cleaning it up. I asked him where poo poo goes, and he raced back to the bedroom to grab a diaper out of the trash bag (it was the one he'd taken off earlier and thrown away!) He brought it back and handed it to me. Alas, poo poo goes in the potty, but at least he understood the general idea :)

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